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never fear anything (Pre-order Summer release!)

        Groundbreaking, thrilling and eye-opening. The astonishing true story of US Army sniper Robert Terkla, Never Fear Anything, brings a fresh and welcomed perspective to the sniper community. Through the eyes of a surgeon with bullets on the battlefield, Terkla brings an extremely rare view of the hardships these modern day assassins face, while deployed in a seemingly forgotten war.  


...subversion threat (fiction Novel series)

mindful thoughts (fiction series)


reaper, ghost target (Novel Series. 1st installment) smp.

The latest and third major publication from New York Times Bestselling author, Nicholas Irving, teaming up with National Bestselling author A.J. Tata and St. Martins Press. This collaboration into the fiction genre has been received with open, welcoming arms and continues to receive great reviews and press since its 2018, May release.  


when the killer man comes (smp. oct. 2018)

The thrilling combat memoir by special operations sniper Paul Martinez, who spent seven years in Special Operations and was a sniper assigned to 3rd Ranger Battalion.

America has one force with the single mission of direct action to capture or kill the enemy. That force is the 75th Ranger Regiment. Staff Sergeant Paul Martinez was a Ranger Sniper with the 75th Rangers during the desperate fighting in Afghanistan in 2011 when the United States made the decision to try to withdraw from Afghanistan.


"... reality is only a Rorschach ink-blot, you know." - 

-- Alan W. Watts